The Baklava Guy
c/o Donald Vukovic
PO 20003
Boulder, Co 80308
(303) 818-3765

Taste It!

Served at coffee shops throughout Boulder County.

Serving Suggestion

There are few treats as satisfying as a cup of cappuccino with a piece of traditional baklava

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My Story

I’m Donald Vukovic, I was born in Cleveland, Ohio to immigrant parents. My father came to the United States in 1950 from Serbia, Yugoslavia. I learned to cook and bake with my father’s coaching. He taught me some recipes with the Old World flavors and to cook simply with the best ingredients. Foods from his childhood came to me growing up and helping him cook for his wife and four children. My mother is from Puerto Rico, but that’s another cooking story.

I had not thought much about those Old World flavors and recipes until I started catering and baking for our folk dancing group in Boulder, Colorado.

Today I use the freshest walnuts from Daniel’s Family Farm in Northern California. Only enough sugar and cinnamon to bring out the wonderful taste of those walnuts. The clover honey I use is from Lyons Colorado. These are the best combination ingredients I have found to make the baklava I share with you today.

If you are in Boulder County Colorado, please try my baklava at the
coffee shops listed on the "Taste it" Column. I am sure you will find
that this is truly the "not too sweet taste of the Mediterranean".

The Secret to Great Baklava

The Secret??

~ The finest ingredients
~ Just a kiss of honey & spice
~ My authentic recipe
~ The passion for real baklava
~ Joy of watching others enjoy it